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Future meets past. Greek legends meet graphic illustrations. The old oppose the young.

Sirene, Medusa and Minotaurus - iconic figures of ancient Greek legends portrayed as young 21st century adults. Angry, challenging, impertinent und uncomfortable. Headed by ‘Youth’, they demand answers and autonomy from the older generations, shining a light on the ever-present contradictions of adolescents and society.

The 2021 ready to wear collection by the Bavarian design student Katharina Sierwald combines comfortable oversized unisex cuts with high quality materials and strong black and white designs with flashing accents.

Take your time. Listen to their concerns. And get ready to join the riot! The underrated are on the raise!


Models: Lukas Karle (Minotaurus) Rose Jallpout (Medusa) Sonja Niemann (Sirene) Victor Lateltin (Youth)

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Schwerpunkt - Textildesign / Material & Surface Design

Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit BA


Professorin & Studiendekanin Textildesign - Modedesign Brigitte Steffen


Sommersemester 2021