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MAN urban soul - by selina hartmann & luca bellomo

MAN urban soul - by selina hartmann & luca bellomo

A place for development and self-realisation, free from parents and wardens who send you away. This is what the MAN concept „urban soul“ offers, which provides an official place for young people in the future city life. A mobile meeting place where teenagers can come together to enjoy sports and creative activities in different places. The bus can collect young people and then take them to fixed places in the city, where it then remains temporarily. Whether it‘s basketball, skating or just hanging out and listening to music, with „urban soul“ everyone can find something to have fun with. Especially people who enjoy taking the bus to their leisure activities. The design of the bus interior follows the landscape of a so-called pump track, a circuit for skateboarders and bikers. This is emphasised by a perimeter band that runs around the interior. Various seating and lounging options on different levels allow to sit individually and just be together. In addition, you can send in artwork and crown the best artist in a community, which will then be displayed on the exterior of the bus temporarily. A drone mounted on the roof records clips during the day, which can then be viewed, edited and shared on social media with #urbansoul.



color and trim

c & t 1: back to the roots

c & t 2: grip

c & t 3: graffiti

c & t 4: sportive print



Schwerpunkt - Transportation Interior Design

Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit BA


Sommersemester 2021