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MAN JobStop - MA 1

The MAN JobStop is a visionary level 5 autonomous bus concept for the cities of 2030. The future of big cities tend to look like this: The number of small start-ups and companies will rise and citizens will live a more flexible and sustainable life-style. Room for flats and office spaces will get more and more valuable and rare... So what can better this situation? Why not giving a city bus a new task when standing empty between rush hours? What makes the JobStop iconic is the ability to switch between two modes: An ”commuter mode“ and an ”office mode“. During the commuter mode the JobStop fleet offers a comfortable commuting solution relieving traffic in the mornings and evenings. In the meantime JobStops spread all over the town and transform into pop up co-working offices, providing smart office spaces e.g. for freelancers, start-ups or people who are searching for new work experiences or business contacts.


Design Development

Commuter Mode ⇄ Office Mode


The MAN Jobstop has a smart user interface system that offers the user a high level of user-friendliness by displaying information or providing support in the workflow.

The entire glass surface of the exterior can be used as a playable display surface for digital content.

The work tables in the interior offer the user support in the work process through smart features that are projected onto the work surface.


3D Visualization


Schwerpunkt - Transportation Interior Design

Art des Projekts

Studienarbeit MA


Prof. Andrea Lipp-Allrutz Prof. Michael Goretzky Thorsten Bergmaier-Trede (MAN)


Sommersemester 2021